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A very English sweary bunting

A very English sweary bunting


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A terribly satisfying way to express your frustration.
Try it: Fucksticks! OH FUCKSTICKS! Fucksticksfucksticksfucksticks.

See. Works a treat.

Now put it up on your wall and anything mildly annoying will melt into sweet nothingness.

This bunting is hand-sewn and the letters have been screen-printed onto the fabric by hand.

Due to our new and improved way of making Cunting it's now child-safe! Got someone who's easily offended or underaged visiting? Simply turn your Cunting to keep their minds unspoiled.

Please don't wash your Cunting. But you can give it a nice steam ironing for a treat (on the back).

Colours shown are for illustrative purposes only. Be assured that all Cunting is very tastefully colour and pattern matched. We don't want to offend anyone, do we.

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