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Frig Magnets - filthy to the core & easy as fuck

Frig Magnets - filthy to the core & easy as fuck


Coming Soon

We're aware that the non-committal types amongst you have been craving a less permanent way to decorate your surroundings for a while now.

The kind of people who want to make an incredibly rude statement but...maybe change it, make it worse or even hide their filthy minds from grandmas, godchildren and landlords.
(And fuck, stickers can be an absolute arse to remove.)

But don't despair, we've found the perfect solution:
Our brand-new Frig Magnets!

They are both filthy to the core and easy as fuck.

Stick them on your fridge, whiteboard, microwave (or any other magnetic surface) and live out your filthy swearing fantasies in the safe knowledge that it's not forever.

We're starting off with Cunting HQ's absolute favourite swear (used on a daily basis): SHITBALLS.

(Feel free to message us with personalisation queries, but please keep in mind that your swears gotta have 9 letters. Now that's a fucking challenge.)

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